A blog of the personal testimonies of the Lord Jesus bringing me from darkness to His marvelous light…

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Good morning to all those who are searching for more.

Like the dew on the grass in the mornings of summer, the Lord countinually refreshes those who look to Him, who fully depend on Him, like the flowers, trees, and grass.

I am chasing after God looking for Him everywhere around me…particularly in His Word, applying the lessons of old to my life today. I have discovered through the years of Biblical sudy with little distraction what it means when the Holy Bible has been referred to as the Living Word. The Word is alive because it contains an answer to any and every dilemma you have faced, are facing, or will ever face. Most of the time I find after doing all I can, the Lord delights When I seek His hand, His divine provision in the circumstance or situation. When I am able to cease my efforts and declare “Jesus Christ, my Lord is faithful!” His faithfulness manifests once I stop striving and begin to seek His Hand, His voice, His will for this season of my life.

Please share the faithfulness of the Lord in your life. I have found the  more you become aware of His faithfulness, particularly by making written note of it, the bigger He becomes in your life. The bigger He becomes, the stronger our faith becomes. We are able to stand strong when opposition comes because we are rooted in His truth which states in Psalm 89:24“…my faithfulness and my mercy shall be with him.” Also, to really get deeply rooted in His Word, please share your favorite Scripture pertaining to the faithfulness of God.

The Holy Bible (KJV) Placed by the Gideon’s.