Jesus, Sweet Jesus

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Thank You Lord. I woke up relieved this would be a shorter work and school week. I felt light in heart even though I had a class presentation this evening that wasn’t quite done. As soon as I safely arrived to work, I smelt a burning smell and my car stalled. I was able to get a tow, and the cash for it. The lady said it may not be until next week I could get my car. I was ok with that. He later called, gave me the report and I told him go ahead. I may have my car tomorrow, however it is going to cost. I thank the Lord He has blessed me with the money. I didn’t even have a moment to fret because God’s faithfulness was so evident in the many people, coworkers, family, friends, classmates all offering to assist. I finished my presentation, thanks to Scotty and Blanche. I was picked up from class, thanks to Anthony who fed me tonight and gave me food for tomorrow. I am loved by his children, and desire to be a positive role model in the many roles they see me in. My dear coworker is picking me up on the morning. I want to praise the Lord all night long. The various doors He recently has opened to use my life for His glory. I pray as you read this, you will be assured, if He will do it for me, He will do it for you, just watch and see.

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