Pressing into God

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I’ve been feeling the press, God pressing the tender area of my heart, gently letting me know He would like His invite. Right into the hurt, the pain, the unmet expectations of where I depended on someone else to be who only God can be in my life. Forgive me Lord. So now I am letting Him in and not only that but I’m pressing deeply into Him in return, to be so hidden in Christ. So deeply entrenched in His Word , in His realm, the enemy can have no access in.

Let me be thankful for every breath given by You!

Thank You for bringing me from death and making me new…

Thank You for bringing me through every season of pruning, molding, and shaping.

Thank You for walking beside me every step of the way and reminding me You have always been there, one arm length away and it’s been up to me to turn and acknowledge You are there.

Forgive me for all the times I neglected Your Presence.

Forgive me when I chose less than Your very best.

Thank You for You ending faithfulness…

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