Can you miss God’s timing?

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I think God has a perfect will for each one of us. A path which is narrow and clearly defined by His bounds of love. We can choose to walk that path or step outside of it. At any given point we can choose to veer off led by our own selfish desires, be deceived by the enemy or lured away by the lust of the world. At times while walking the path God choose and designed for us, we may encounter the one person He choose for us. We can choose to walk together in the light and truth of God’s love or veer off again. If we choose to veer we need to know depending on the hurt caused, we may never get to walk alongside them again. This is the consequence of willfully choosing sin, not that you aren’t forgiven but rifts are created. Sin brings nothing less than destruction. No matter what happens though, you can always choose God’s original path for you again. Trusting He will bless you again. There is no rift or gulf to big His sacrificial love can’t mend. He will walk alongside you until this life’s end.

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