Clinging to the Good

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Sometimes during the storms in life we can’t seem to help and focus on the impact of life circumstances. We may feel bruised and battered down, maybe even unwilling to continue on. It may seem those closest to you, the storm has taken the furthest away. Who do you hold onto when the storms of life bear down? Scripture tells us we have an “anchor for our soul” in Hebrew 6:19. That anchor is our relationship with Christ. The One who controls the storm, the One who meets us in the midst and promises to hold us tight. The One who quiets every fear, the One who shelters us under His wings, the Healer of our brokenness, the Stiller of the winds.

Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? He longs to hear the truth of your heart tonight…He will bind up every wound and give you a new and tender heart full of His love and truth.

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