Sometimes the wonder

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Of it all, can leave you breathless.

A baby being born. A rainbow spanning the sky. A sparrow building a nest. The flowers in a field. The waves of the sea crashing on the shore. Feet sinking in countless grains of sand. The many landscapes, every evening a new horizon. God, the Master Creator, the Planner of all that every existed and will exist…

Love compasses us about and yet and still, some will deny the wondrous plan God has for them. They will continue to take matters into their own hands and blindly stumble through the darkness of sin and despair. Hurting the ones they love with their selfish demands. Yet the Heavenly Father knew this would be so, and His love continues to prevail in the open hearts of those who enter in beyond the veil. Those born again with the resurrected nature of Christ. God’s one and only begotten Son. Sacrificial love makes the difference. It’s the love that serves others that continually wins!

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