Words of faith are ever refreshing

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Have you ever met a faith giant? Someone who really knew the Lord in a deep, profound, personal way? Who spoke a word over your life, which gave you freedom and permission to grow? To achieve your greatest potential with the ultimate goal being, glory to God, the Heavenly Father who created you? Who knows every hair on your head. Who collects every tear in a bottle. Well if you never have, the Bible is where He has spoken and decreed great things over your life. Great, if your born again, a believer in His promises to you. Great, when you seek to be obedient because His truth protects you from sin, deceit, and darkness. Just like a parent who tries to impart the lessons they have learned to their kids. However, He is far greater, the Greatest, as a matter of fact, because He knows all things from the beginning to the end. He knows how you can flow best in His Holy Spirit and when you follow Him, He will lead you right there, where you can be fruitful. You were created to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God. So seek Him, and find His will being done on earth as it is in heaven.

How will you know you are there?

You will have incredible peace and joy in the Holy Ghost!

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