How good God is…

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So many blessings, day by day.

I can hardly keep count

How great is the sum

An immeasurable amount

What could I ever do to repay

All You’ve given

How can I proclaim Your majesty

The beauty of Your kingdom

Keeping my joy full

Letting peace rule and reign

But most importantly loving You with all

You’ve given

And pouring forth Your Living Water

So those You’ve called will never thirst


How beautiful to behold our Lord

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So misunderstood

So foreign, so unknown

While You stood right before Your very own,



Surrounded by critics and fault finders

Yet You clung to the Heavenly Father’s love

The glorious array of Your splendor

To lavish upon us a love so profound

The insurmountable obstacles (according

to the law), You victoriously overcame

them all.

We could never earn or deserve Your love

And Yet You remain faithful.

We can never comprehend the brutality

You courageously faced, willingly taking

our place, and yet we so absent mindedly

forget, that all which was needful You died

for us to freely get.