Kingdom Priorities

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When people observe your life, most likely they can see what you value most. What you value is where your time and energy is invested. Tonight the Pastor said, “Whatever you don’t respect you will lose.” How very true! I would add what you don’t value you will lose as well. Sometimes we wonder, “Do I even matter to this person?” “On what level of caring do I qualify?” Sometimes a person has to back away to determine if they have worth in the eyes of another. Will this person seek me out if I create space? Will I ever again see myself reflected in their eyes of love? It’s funny how people have this look about themselves when they are enamored with another. How can one maintain these loving gazes? By loving Christ first, remembering every good and perfect gift comes from above. Prayerfully giving thanks and seeking His guidance. Third knowing what you value you will retain, when it’s shown by planting seeds of love.

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