Someone I recently met…

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An older gentleman named Ralph, I met at the homeshow. He was working the booth across from mine and had a very outgoing, positive, helpful demeanor. He came over and testified of a relationship with Jesus that saved him and not the religion he knew growing up. He was very concerned for those who were caretakers, that they were receiving care as well. He was very kind and gave me many compliments. Something I am not used to and makes me a little uneasy. He wanted to stay in touch. The last message I received was in the beginning of April. I sent him a message yesterday which he never received. His best friend Lori text me to say he passed away. So much life was in that 69 year old man. He met people from all over as he traveled for work, sharing the importance of a personal relationship with Christ. Now he is with Christ. I’m thankful for this man who was unafraid to live with his heart on his sleeve. A man who was fearless in love and knew forgiveness was a must. I pray for his loved ones that they have comfort and rest knowing he is so well with the Lord. He has reached the fullness of time on this earth and so now eternity begins…Where there is fullness of joy, no more sorrow, no more tears! Praise God, Ralph is free at last!

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