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I’m praying an incredibly blessed Mother’s Day to all the Mothers. I understand this can be a difficult time for many who are experiencing the grief and loss of a dear Mother, Aunt, Grandmother, or even children whether to the temporal issues of life or the temporal separation of death. I say temporal because nothing is too hard for our Lord, while we are still alive. Death does not separate us from the love, that is bound for eternity. I encourage all the Mothers, including myself, to pour your hearts out the the Lord. Remember each tear you cry is precious to Him and He stores them in a bottle. Then by the strength of His Holy Spirit we can rejoice in all the people He has blessed us with. While it is important to express grief, I encourage us to not miss the many opportunities right before our eyes to love those around us. I have many spiritual mothers today, and each one has such a unique role in my life and an eternal place in my heart. I cant help but mother nearly anyone who is in my proximity. It’s all to the praise, honor and glory of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’m thankful for ever more!!

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