Finding healing through relationship

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One of the most profound lessons we learn from the life of Jesus on this earth is relating to Him brought healing, deliverance, life to what was dead, and truth exposing lies and deceit. Many people want healing but does everyone want deliverance? To be delivered you have to first admit you are enslaved to something, or someone. Are people able to acknowledge they are dead due to their own chosen sinfulness or will they continue to compare their sins as less than the rest? Or worse blame others for being the victim or circumstance. How many people can admit the truth regarding the ugly things they have done in particular to the very ones they claim to love. Well the good news is we all fall short of the glory of God. There are no greater or lesser sins. We are all sinful in comparison to a holy, perfect and righteous God. Yet, Jesus made the way. May we come to Him humbly and gratefully accept all He has done so we may be eternally forgiven and free!

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