My church home

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We are the church. Within our physical bodies resides the Holy Spirit when you are born again. Jesus is on the throne seated next to the Heavenly Father guiding and directing the Holy Spirit in you, separately, yet together because they are of the same mind. We too, are to be of the same mind. When we are not our peace is disrupted. This is a sign to get back in alignment with God’s Word. To agree with Him. When we are worrying or trying to control a situation we will not have peace. Peace is restored when we surrender and wait on God, after confessing we had not. Rather I am confessing Lord, I trust You to do all I cannot, that while I wait to see Your Word come to pass, I know You have a plan and a work for me to do that is in agreement with Your Word. That builds up and edifies the Body of Christ, Your church including me. Amen!

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