How many lies will you believe?

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Taking out thoughts captive is essential to perceiving the reality that through Christ the victory is ours. As a child before I went to sleep I would let my thoughts wander. Then once I arrived at a certain thought or imagination I would trace it back, to see how I arrived there. At the time, it was a stimulating mind exercise. After going through an abusive marriage, I wanted to avoid all thoughts and sought escape through drinking and smoking weed.

In prison, all that running ceased. I had to first face God, then I had to face myself and trace back every belief I had unconsciously held on to. I replaced the lies with the Truth oh God, which I learned through Joyce Meyer’s book, “Battlefield of the Mind.” I have memorized Scripture through the years to demolish strongholds in my mind. Right now another one is making itself known regarding who I see myself as in intimate relationships with my best friend, who is also courting me. I feel as though I am a burden. I know this stems from my childhood and my relationships, or lack of, with my parents. So now I pray. Lead me Lord to the Word that sets me free from this misperception. Renew my mind. Purify my heart and create a right Spirit within me. Then I trust by faith He will do just that because no lie can stand in the face of His incredible love.

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