New life in Christ

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Life in Christ is quite an adventure. Even when I was incarcerated I was often amazed and in awe of how the Lord coordinated the days events. In a place where it seemed everything would be so routine and mundane, He had a way of showing Himself, of working His glory through the razor wire electrical fence surrounding us. I remember one day walking the track looking out wondering how many times would I circle around like a hamster in a wheel going no where. The Lord then proceeded to move me many times. I was never able to settle there. A year or so after having the thought of being a hamster on a wheel I was up on the hill looking out in the night over the prison grounds. Every light on the perimeter reflected light in the shape of a cross, which looked like we were surrounded by crosses of light. I often felt set apart, times where I experienced great loneliness in the natural but in the spiritual knowing Christ was there bringing me to maturity in the womb of His love, knowing His presence alone. It was a new beginning for me. One I will never forget.

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