Nothing is Impossible

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with our God! Do you believe that? Faith is all we need, to believe, to take Him at His Word. That’s why it is called the Living Word. I trust His Word to be alive in me this day! I trust that every mountain standing in my way crumbles in the Mighty Name of Jesus. I trust God will increase my faith more and more unto the glorious day of His appearing. I trust my God to deliver those who are in darkness, bring them into His marvelous light, just as He did for me. God is no respector of persons. As you hear what He has done in the lives for others, trust by faith He can and will do the same for you. Nothing is impossible for the God who spoke the universe into existence, who created you and I, who is breathing the breath into our very lungs, who keeps the beat of our new heart marching forward into a new abundant life with Him.

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