Being held…

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As I spend time with Anthony’s bird (who doesn’t like me neglecting him by being on my phone). I realize the importance of being held. At the moment he is biting me as I type this. He realizes that isn’t working so now he tries rubbing up next to me gently. Now I hold him. He feels safe, closes his eyes and relaxes. He reminds me of the basic affection and closeness we all prefer. The safety of a loving embrace.

How I longed to be held in prison, and when the girls would come visit, they held me tight as I clung to them, wishing I never had to let go. I loved so fully in those moments, so present, not thinking of anything else. How often do we hold the ones we love, maybe not even necessarily in a physical sense but emotionally? Do we hold them in prayer, continually lifting them up before Almighty God?

There is no better One to hold us than our Lord. I recall one day in treatment in one of our many community meetings first thing in the morning. My friend Marilee had her eyes closed. I asked if she was tired. She said, “No, I’m playing with Jesus in the water.” I later asked her to tell me more. She said she would meditate and think of herself as a child with Jesus doing fun things together. I started practicing it and it brought such healing to my heart. As I slept in the prison I often thought of being in His arms, being comforted and healed. I pray You be held by Jesus and learn what it is to trust and share your heart with the One who is always there and always will be.

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