Tears are my meat…

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Both day and night. There’s something about this season of grief I am experiencing, which reminds me of my time in treatment, where I had to impute a bright side to all my crying. I said, “Tears are the healing waters, which bring forth new growth.” As I purge myself of every hurt, I look to the hills where my help comes from. “God, I know You know and understand every hidden message in these tears. You know the agony and the disappointments I have faced, You know the results of my sin, and the sacrifice which was made by Your son! You know my enemy and You promise victory. You said, “the joy of the Lord is my strength!” Let my mourning be turned to joy! Let my heart rejoice, and my laughter bubble up to the heavens. You oh God are faithful. You are true. You are love and joy and You live inside of me. Let You presence be evident to all! Thank You evermore!”

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