What are you standing on and for?

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Winter time for me can be bleak

Life in Christ is still abundant

The different seasons remind me of the differing levels of dependence I have on Christ.

In hard times, I feel like a child clinging to His leg, never wanting to let go. I realize I need Him for everything, don’t want to separate myself ,or be independent, emotionally, mentally or physically. I need Him to do the walking, talking, the carrying about of all which needs to be accomplished.

There are other days His Spirit has me soaring. I’m feeling exactly where He wants me, doing and saying the things which bring Him honor and glory. My joy is full. My life has purpose far beyond me. I am hopeful. I feel free.

Then there are the in-betweens. I am neither here or there. I am shuffling through, seeing the tests as they come, trying, and not feeling superb. Being distracted by the fact so many people are living for less than what the Lord intends and momentarily joining them in solace. The other night at Bible study Sister Shaunda said, “Living the Kingdom life may not seem fair, but live it anyhow because it’s right.” I would’ve liked her to elaborate on it, and hopefully one day soon I will ask her too. Her statement made me realize how often I allow myself to feel bad about people choosing differently. Why do I do that? Am I feeling guilty for aspiring to have all God promises me? I shouldn’t. It is the inheritance of His children. I am His child, and it is my desire to soar above the circumstances of life, to lift Him up, so He may be glorified. I may not ever feel worthy of it, but that’s exactly why it’s referred to as amazing grace. May we all grab hold by faith alone.

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