Steps to freedom…

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In Christ.

When I was in prison I read many books. I was born a reader. Prison was the incubator of my new life. Reading was a must. Books fixed my mind on something, anything outside of the small world in which I was held captive. One of the most eye opening books for me was Neil Anderson’s, “Victory Over Darkness,” along with a workbook, “the steps to Freedom in Christ.” A small book with a powerful punch to my many ignorances concerning the Kingdom of God verses the kingdom of darkness.

The whole point of this site is to help people understand who they are in Christ. Hence, the name Beloved in His Sight. That’s who you are if you have taken the steps of salvation: Beloved and Free!!

Tomorrow I will begin how the process was for me, and maybe even share some of my journal from the time I worked the book, approximately 7 years ago. I expect in some ways you may relate to my story, even if you never have been in prison. I find most people have felt imprisoned by circumstances of this life. This similarity is is also why we must rise above our feelings and stand on the truth of God’s Word.

“But as many as received Him, to them he gave power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.” John 1:12

In other words…

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