What it Takes…

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What does it take to make it through the hurt and sorrow of a relationship which did not end as you expected?

1.) After the tears, and sorrow, the ruminating of times spent together, things which were shared, expressed, etc. one must shift their focus. My eyes are solely on the Lord and His faithfulness. He brought me through in times past, He is faithful to do it again. I trust Him. I also know not to make any relational decisions in a time of vulnerability.

2.) Forgive yourself and the other person for the mistakes made. Pray the Lord would be Your help in doing better next time.

3.) Remember the good things. Yes, at first this can be difficult, especially if the end came abruptly or unexpectedly. Still you should celebrate what went right on both ends, and to know what to build upon in the future.

4.) Continually seek the Lord. Ask Him to help you in caring for self and to continue being a blessing for others. This can be especially difficult when we are hurting. However, when we can accept the many lessons learned, along with the passing seasons, we know this person had a good purpose in our lives. Pray the very best for them, just as we can hope they would for us.

5.) Lastly be gentle with yourself and the other person. God’s mercy and compassion is so great toward us, let us extend that same mercy and compassion to self and others. The greatest Comforter we have is the Holy Spirit. Allow yourself the space and time for Him reveal His next step for you.

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