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Such a small word for such a big thing. What does it mean to be a person of hope? Well I picture it as hanging on in spite of feeling no strength remains.

To have vision for something beautiful in spite of being surrounded by darkness and despair.

Have you ever seen yourself so weary and somehow you knew things would get better, the wind you never see or could not feel would set you sailing again.

To hope is to be brave when the winds of adversity come. To hope is to know the sun will shine again. To hope is to stand by faith in the truth that love always wins.

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  1. carol savaglio Says:

    Without hope there is no light only darkness hope is god’s loving light that guides us to our destiny hope is god’s grace and love that reminds us that above all else hope is god’s way of letting us know thatwhen one door closes another door opens through god’s will grace and love

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