Remembering my friends in prison…

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Christmas in prison is hard. Being away from children, family, and friends in a cold, hard, and dark place can really put a damper on one’s spirit. It also taught me the true meaning of Christmas and that is One of love. Christ came in the form of a baby. In Him was all humanity would ever need to be reconciled to God, and to live righteously by the Gift of His Holy Spirit. I imagine Mary had many bittersweet moments concerning Jesus and the hardness of the world coming against Him, which would ultimately take His very life. She also knew salvation would come through His death and resurrection. As mothers in prison, we know our absence is difficult for our children but we often forget God is still working, shaping their character and building in them compassion. How difficult it is to remain focused on the bigger picture when we see injustices. Oh how we need the help of God.

I recently met a woman who shared how she got involved in prison ministry. Her son as waiting sentencing and she asked herself, what would she want someone to do for her son in there. The answer came quick. She wanted someone to bring him the gospel, the truth of God’s love. So she herself did that very same thing, bringing the gospel to many hurting and hungry hearts in the penitentiary. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated those volunteers. I used to be amazed they would choose to spend their free time in a prison with us. It was because they did, I knew God loved us. What a hope it brought to my new heart of flesh.

Please reach out to those you know in prison. To be thought of in a place like that is so healing and keeps their hope alive. It is also a command of our Lord.

Hebrews 13:3 (KJV)

Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer as being yourselves also in the body.

He too knew the injustices of the system. Yet, He worked it all out for our good! Read Romans 8:28. Hallelujah to God!

P.S. I will always remember my dear friend Cheri surprised me with $15 right before Christmas. My heart soared at her thoughtfulness and generosity! Thank you Cheri…

Reference: Bible Hub

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