The Love, who is my life…

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From before the foundation of the world You knew me then

When I was knit in my mother’s womb, You knew every intricate detail of who I would become

When I was a little girl, pretending to be a bride, as I walked on the pink petaled grass through the flowering bushes, hearing the birds sing, smelling the sweetest of the air, You were there

Before I ever knew what I was created for You were wooing me, calling my very heart’s desires forth

“Be love, for You are loved by Me,” said the Creator. The One who made all that ever existed and will ever exist.

As You took the veil from my eyes and I could finally see, the One who bore my sin and shame, my Savior, You will ever remain.

You captured every tear, You wiped away every stain, You held me close when the world was far away.

You hold my hand, You watch the path before me, You gently warn as You guide and protect.

What touches me most is You were there all along, through it all and no matter how far I strayed, You remained, faithful, eternal, forever mine…

Precious Jesus Christ

Speaking His Word…

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All of creation was brought forth by the spoken word of God. We, being made in His image and likeness have been given the same authority as co-heirs with Christ. It has been challenging to speak only His Word regarding a long awaited situation but nothing is impossible with Him. Matter of fact He says, “All things are possible to him who believes.” So believe I must, casting away any doubt that tries to enter in, knowing He is faithful and will do just what He said! I’m counting on every promise. His promises are my heart’s desire. I’m trusting each one will come to pass!